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Professional Software Services

Swallow Software: Software Development and Support Services


Software Development and Support Services

Your Information Systems contains important data.

In your business, it is mission critical.
For your personal computer, it contains valuable memories and private information.
You may have a good business, but potential clients can't find (sufficient) information about it on the web.

Enhance your computer system to gain in reliability, efficiency, security and return on your investment.

We provide many services to help you protect your valuable data, save time and money, increase your productivity, or allow clients to be informed on the Internet about your products and services.

Consulting and Application Development

We Design and Develop custom applications (programs), for your desktop, server, intranet or Internet. We provide full-time or part-time development, on-site or off-site.

Development environments and products include (partial list):
Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc
Languages: Java, Microsoft Development Technologies, including .NET, C#, VB.NET, etc
Web Development: ASP.NET, PHP, CMS (Content Management Systems), HTML, JavaScript, XML, Website Search Engines, etc
Infrastructure: Web servers, Tomcat Application servers, Backup services, GlusterFS scalable network filesystem, etc
Virtualization: KVM, Virtualbox, VMware, Linux Containers, Docker, Proxmox VE
Others: Ansible (Automated Deployment and Configuration), GitLab, NextCloud, Pydio, OpenCart, etc

System Enhancements

A variety of superb support applications are available to improve your systems. In many cases, these applications are open source, requiring no license fees, no activation and no registration and may be installed legally on as many computers as required, without notifying any company or individual. Even so, all are well supported by developer communities and regular updates and releases. Often, the applications perform well on older hardware, allowing the use of computers which might otherwise be replaced or recycled. (It is worth mentioning that Google is running on open source code. Similarly all Android mobile devices also run on Linux operating systems, to provide a stable base for applications.)

These open source applications cover the full spectrum of computer requirements. A short list of popular software includes:

Virtual Machines to consolidate functionality while retaining separate operating software environments, or for supporting legacy applications.
  Virtual machines can be used for server or desktop. It is feasible to use 2 or 3 different virtual machines on a desktop or laptop, with even more on a server. Multiple virtual machines with each running the same or different operating systems, may run on a single physical box. Different versions of Windows, Linux, DOS, Novell Netware and Sun Solaris can run simultaneously on one physical machine. Usually clients prefer Linux on the main platform, for its stability and price (can you beat free?), as well as the ability to use efficient server level software, at no extra cost.
  Your business may have some legacy applications running only on older operating systems, like Windows XP, 2000, NT, Windows 98/95, Windows 3.1/3.0 or even DOS. You don't want to replace it, but the older hardware is troublesome or failing. Moving these applications to virtual machines will most likely cause them to run significantly faster.
  You may have several server installations, that are lightly loaded most of the time. You can reduce hardware, energy costs and physical space requirements, by running the same installations in virtual servers on fewer physical machines, while retaining the software separation as on distinct hardware.
  Virtual machines can be moved or copied from one physical machine to another, without reinstallation.
Automated Backup for Windows and Linux, with browser-based interface. It can backup data on local machines, or even securely over the Internet. One example currently has 200 TB (TeraBytes) worth of backups, stored in only 3 TB. The backup data can be stored on a single hard drive, with an identical copy of the data on a second hard drive for redundancy, which may be removed or reconnected at any time. The drives may be encrypted, to prevent your critical confidential information ending up in the wrong hands.
Advanced SMTP mail server frontend, drastically reducing spam to almost zero before it even reaches your mail server. It also prevents abuse of your mail server by unauthorized parties. This can be used in conjunction with your existing mail server, be it MS Exchange, Postfix, Exim, etc. Anti-virus protection, sender validation, spam control, Bayesian filtering, black listing, white listing, web and email interfaces, are only a few of the myriad of features available. This can be a local or remote installation.
Reliable File Server for Windows and Linux. This Linux-based software runs fast, is not susceptible to viruses and may be used for many other functions on the same hardware. No server or client license fees.

We can be of assistance, on-site or off-site, locally or remotely. Most of our services can be provided anywhere in the world, via the Internet. We are currently based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

For more information about these and other services, please contact us.





Software Services


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